Table order system FAVOR's first full-scale implementation at "Park Community KIBACO"

Image of KIBACO / using the app (on-site)


We have implemented a table order system utilizing the CUONA plugin "Favor" at Park Community KIBACO, a newly established cafe in Kiba Park, Tokyo. Simultaneously, KIBACO's official app has been released and is available to download. While the app provides additional functions and benefits, Favor makes it possible for customers to place orders with their smartphone even when they do not have the app installed.

Screenshot of the iPad app "Favor Kitchen"


KIBACO official app


In addition to the implementation at Park Community KIBACO, we intend to further promote and increase the usage of CUONA in the restaurant industry as a measure against COVID-19, contributing to a safe environment for the age of 'After Corona' as well.

Please look forward to future developments.

Cube-type CUONA


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