Hotel lobby overhead view scene


Examples at hotels

CUONA is a compact device that provides smart solutions to problems in any aspect of your business. Features and examples for implementation in hotels can be found below.


Check in scene image

Checking in/out, digital room key

CUONA devices can be used to automate hotel check-in/out and can make it possible for guests to use their smartphone as their room key. Customers can check in and out by simply touching CUONA with their smartphone, and the hotel can check the records in real time from the management screen.

Touch one scene in the room

Immediate connection to in-room Wi-Fi

By touching CUONA with their smartphone, guests can immediately access hotel room Wi-Fi without the need of a password. Provide your guests with the most comfortable stay.

Scenes using room service

Ordering room service is
only one touch away with CUONA

CUONA makes it easier for a guest to order room service. There is no need to call reception. There is no language barrier. With CUONA, the ordering process is made smooth, staff will be notified and can prepare the order immediately.


By introducing CUONA, you can provide customers with a comfortable experience.
Because of its small size, the device can be incorporated in any store layout without the need for extra space.



IoT hardware that is compatible with all CUONA services. Makes it possible to update the provided services remotely and incorporates environmental data on the analysis screen.

  • NFC
  • Bluetooth
  • WiFi
  • Response sound settings
  • Firmware update
  • Environmental data collection
  • Change settings from the management screen


Sticker type NFC tag. The label can be changed freely according to the store’s preferences. Can be placed anywhere without being connected to a power supply.

  • NFC
  • Change settings using a dedicated app※1
  • ※ Environmental data (temperature / humidity / barometric pressure) cannot be acquired with TAG.
  • ※1 Manually write the data on the TAG from the management screen of the dedicated Android app.
Cube-type CUONA


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