Contactless. Effortless.
For you and your customer


CUONA is a new IoT device that evolves existing marketing methods.
The perfect solution to problems faced in hotels, restaurants, leisure facilities and more.

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Creating the service of the future with CUONA

Visualize information

Keep track of customer behavior and what e.g. the temperature was at that time. Visualize both activity history and environmental information on the management screen.

Just one touch

Various services and functions can be provided with the touch of a smartphone. Services can be accessed smoothly, increasing customer satisfaction.

Reach increase

CUONA achieves much higher reach rates by providing touch-based access to you services, greatly increasing the number of active users.


Providing accurate services using real-life behavior analysis

Obtaining data on customer behavior has never been easier. Combining the data with our various services, it is possible to further optimize your services and marketing.


A simple touch with a smartphone is all you need

With just a smartphone and CUONA, your customers can easily access all your services, including hotel check-in, placing/receiving orders, and simple Wi-Fi connection.

Cube-type CUONA


For inquiries regarding CUONA services or devices, please contact us through our contact form.