Azuma Catering has released an unmanned lunchbox sales service using CUONA

Azuma Catering has released an unmanned lunchbox sales service using CUONA

CONOL Inc. has developed and released the "OBENTO-PIT", an unmanned bento sales system based on our CUONA service, to Azuma Catering Co, Ltd., a catering company located in Katsushika-ku, Tokyo.
Today, the system is being rolled out in the Tokyo metropolitan area, and from the first day, more than 200 meals have been provided to several companies, including istyle, Inc. and Tokyu Livable.

System flow

This service, OBENTO-PIT, is offered as a solution to achieve unattended sales in the "After Corona" era. It is one of the examples of how CUONA's infrastructure using NFC technology can be used in combination with payment and other existing systems.This system is patent pending.

With the global prevalence of COVID-19 since early 2020, the challenge of how to deal with the situation and change existing systems has arisen around the world.
We believe that one solution to this challenge, which is expected to continue for the foreseeable future, could be contactless technology like NFC, providing services with as little face-to-face contact as possible.
In fact, in recent months inquiries to our company have been on the rise.

We will continue to push forward, to take measures against the current pandemic, and for the "After Corona" era that will follow, transitioning into the next generation of systems with the help of CUONA.

Cube-type CUONA


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